About our Associates - Nicola Fryatt

Nicola has worked extensively in the food industry for a number of years and has particular expertise in legal labeling and specification management for both branded and retailer own brand products. She is also highly experienced in Customer Services and has managed a wide number of food crises from foot and mouth to Sudan Red contamination.

She has worked for the major Dutch dairy company; Friesland Campina for more than 20 years in a liaison role between the UK market and a variety of factories in Europe. During this time she has been responsible for project managing the introduction of a number of unique products to the UK market. The UK Food Industry is one of the most sophisticated in the world and Nicola is highly experienced at communicating unique retailer policies, such as ‘clean labeling requirements’ to a wider European audience.

Nicola is also very interested in CSR and the sourcing of sustainable products, ingredients and packaging.

Email Nicola at Nicola@XenexAssociates.com