XENEX ASSOCIATES LIMITED is recognized as the leading international strategic business consultancy in markets BEYOND-AGRICULTURE. This has been achieved through their unmatched knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of global markets BEYOND-AGRICULTURE. These markets include structural pest management, mosquito abatement, consumer pest control and the turf & amenity markets.
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XENEX ASSOCIATES offers the following services:

· Helping YOU to target YOUR market better
· Developing YOUR distribution
· Supporting YOUR product development
· Helping YOU improve awareness for YOUR product or service
· Investing in YOUR business

Rob Fryatt, Industry Speaker
Xenex Associates

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Rob Fryatt's long association with and contributions to global pest management events and alliances are the basis of his prolific knowledge and understanding of the international pest management industry. In conjuction with his diplomacy and discretion, they are the foundation from which Xenex Associates offer their unique services.