Xenex Associates Limited | Services

Through its consultant team, XENEX ASSOCIATES is able to offer a range of services to assist you in growing your business. 

Helping YOU to target YOUR market better
A range of services that help you to understand better the market in which you operate, especially the way your competitors may think and perceive you.

Developing YOUR distribution
A range of services to open up additional markets through market targeting and identifying the right distribution partners. This includes the unique web promotion site PestTrader.

Supporting YOUR Product Development
A range of skills and experience to take your idea or invention through product design, testing, registration and packaging to the global market.

Helping YOU improve awareness for your product or service
Developing and delivering ideas to raise the profile and awareness of your product worldwide

Investing in YOUR business
Presenting your business or product to potential investors, supporting your search for investors or even investing ourselves.

XENEX ASSOCIATES can help your business grow, just Contact Us to find out how and discuss your needs in confidence. We are sure we can understand your problem, propose and deliver an appropriate solution.